The Changing World of Video News

Within the past five years, the roll of video in news has changed drastically. What calls the “YouTube Generation”, video is the new up and coming medium that some experts say will dominate media over other delivery methods. Video would be the most popular choice over radio/podcasts, reading, and in some cases social media.

Just 10 years ago YouTube saw its uprising and was purchased by Google. notes that in 2010 the portable, handheld digital camera made it easier and more accessible than ever to shoot video and transfer to a computer for sharing. In 2015 as smartphones improved and grew internal storage levels, up to 60 hours of video could be stored on phones

With this, the has also posted data that predicts that by 2020, videos will make up 60% of all mobile traffic data traffic, and 80% of all internet traffic by 2019. Billions of people daily stream videos from apps like Facebook Live, Meerkat, Periscope, Glide, and Twitch.

Will You Make the Switch? Infographic

Trends show that social media is being built up by videos now more than ever. So what does this mean for news? The New York Times has attempted to capture virtual reality as a way to deliver news. The virtual reality experience is a budding area for journalists currently, still in its infancy. The experience of 360 videos in virtual reality generally consists of the viewer wearing goggles that are attached to a phone and when the viewer looks through the goggles, the experience becomes much more life-like as opposed to a regular video on a phone or computer screen.

The experience of virtual reality has limitless possibilities with the right pair of headphones and goggles to make a smartphone screen come to life. The wearer will be able to look above and behind him, and to the left and right for a personalized experience. The headphones bring authentic, realistic sound to further enhance the experience. Sounds that happen behind the wearer in the video sound as if they are really behind you and help viewers observe the scene.

NYT videos even pop up on Facebook feeds and can be enjoyed by moving your phone around or clicking and dragging without the use of goggles.








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