Conversation About Black Lives Matter at Brooklyn College

On a sweltering hot August day in Florida, Austin Harrouff, 19, sat in Duffy’s Restaurant eating with his parents. After showing strange behavior and claiming that he “felt immortal and like a superhero,” he stormed out of the restaurant. Daily Mail online has a detailed account of Harrouff’s actions, finding that he walked more than three miles, took his pants off while walking (his pants were found a mile away from the crime scene) and brutally attacked John Stevens, 59, and Michelle Mishcon – Stevens, 53,  in the garage of their home. Evidence shows that Harrouff may have drank ‘caustic’ chemicals in the garage and then attacked the couple, beating Mishcon to death and stabbing Stevens to death with his switch knife blade. Police who arrived on the scene witnessed Harrouff eating Steven’s face and stomach, growling like a dog, and not wearing pants. The next-door neighbor, Jeff Fisher who tried to intervene was also beaten and stabbed three times in the back. Harrouff, who showed “abnormal strength” as Daily Mail quotes Sheriff William Snyder saying, was tasered four times and a police dog was released to attack him, it took four cops to pull Harrouff off of Stevens. No shots were fired during the altercation.

Just two years prior in August of 2014, two men, Michael Brown, 18, and Dorian Johnson, left Ferguson Market and Liquor in Ferguson, Missouri at 11:54 a.m., the New York Times reported. A surveillance video shows Brown stealing cigarillos and assaulting the store clerk who tried to stop him. Shortly after, Officer Darren Wilson arrived alone on the scene, realizing the two men walking on Canfield Drive fit the description of the suspects. Wilson then positioned his S.U.V. to block the two men and to block traffic, when an altercation between Officer Wilson and Brown occurred as Brown stood at the window of the S.U.V, prompting Wilson to fire two shots from inside the vehicle. Evidence finds that one shot may have grazed Brown’s thumb. As Brown ran away, Officer Wilson pursued him on foot until Brown stopped and turned around. Officer Wilson also stopped and fired several more shots. Multiple witnesses tell different accounts. Some say Brown’s hands were in the air, some say they were at his side. Some say Brown was charging toward the officer. While mystery still surrounds the truth of what Brown’s actions were, the facts show that he was unarmed, and that he was shot 10 times while in the road with Officer Wilson. He was wearing pants, he wasn’t cannibalizing another man, and he wasn’t showing “abnormal strength” while growling like a dog.

The stark contrast in handling the crimes that involve a white man cannibalizing a human vs. a black man committing theft is one of the many reasons why a new, modern civil rights movement has taken America by storm. Black Lives Matter is the result that has arisen from the contrasting situations between how white crime is handled and how black crime is handled.

Currently, Black Lives Matter is surrounded by politics, sometimes taking away from the message that the movement is trying to convey.






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