Fall Hits Brooklyn Campus

From a hot and very humid and sticky summer season, to the mild days and cool nights. Eventually we will reach my personal nightmare. Snow … and ice. Then back to cool, and finally to my favorite, back to summer!

However, according to Scientific American  the coming of the cooler weather is needed for our decision making! Hot weather canIMG_2099.jpg impair decision making, or even lead one to shy away from making a decision at all. The research (in detail on the website) suggests that warm weather impairs the ability to make complex decisions. As the weather begins to cool off complex decisions will become easier to make.

My fears lay with the winter season. Snow and white covered roads. Bone grinding cold weather. Face stinging wind that is unforgiving. Does this change our mood? Again, on Scientific American it shows that although there are those that struggle with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), the site suggests that after scientific research, SAD can be avoided if one is sure to get plenty of sun light. IMG_1714 2.JPG




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